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Why Giving Matters

Since 1989 the Gan has touched the hearts and souls of literally thousands of children and their families.  And the true gift of Gan is that it touches everyone who walks through its doors – from teachers to supporters like you who make it all happen. 


Giving is a catalyst for good.  Giving unlocks the inherent potential for good within us, and in turn, brings healing and harmony to the world.


The Lubavitcher Rebbe once explained that "charity" is actually an inaccurate translation of the Hebrew word tzedakah, the age-old word used to describe financial assistance provided to the needy. The literal meaning of tzedakah is "righteousness." Whereas the word charity denotes an act that goes beyond the call of duty, giving is simply the right and just thing to do.


It is only because of caring and generous contributors, who recognize the importance of providing all Jewish children with a strong educational foundation, that the Gan continues to provide the services and programs that make our community a wonderful place.



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