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Our Vision

A safe, loving, and inclusive learning community where children, families, and staff

feel welcomed, accepted, and supported and where individuals are empowered to

contribute their unique experiences, interests, abilities, ideas, and questions.



To provide our children, families, and staff with a positive, meaningful experience of Jewish

values and traditions, with a focus on fostering emotional intelligence, critical thinking,

self-understanding, collaboration, giving, and an appreciation of the inner goodness

of all people.


Core Values

  • Value of the Individual: Each of us has unique talents, strengths, and perspectives to contribute to the lives of others.


  • Learning Community: All learning and growth is rooted in caring, responsive relationships and positive, meaningful collaboration among educators, children, and families.


  • Inquiry: We learn how to think and solve problems by asking and considering questions – by listening to and being listened to, by asking and being asked.


  • Intentionality: We make decisions with purpose and understanding.


  • Lifelong Learning: Everybody needs to learn and grow, and everybody learns at his or her level and pace throughout life.

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